Well, That Was Profound

Sometimes, profoundness comes from the most unexpected people at the most unexpected times.

Driving down the highway the other day with my wonderful hubby, we were talking- okay, I was talking, and I was sharing how I wanted to get more views on my blog and social media.

“What do you think I can do to increase views? Like, what do you think people want to see? What will make my blog unique?” I asked.

His answer totally surprised me.

“You. If you look out there in the world, there’s millions of people but not one of them is doing YOU. That’s what will make your blog unique.”

What do you say to that?

Nothing really.

I just gaped at him a little before making some piddling comment about how profound he was.

Gosh, I love that man.

But he was right. Thinking about it now, and going over all the schemes I was thinking up to try and increase readership, I realized that most of them would involve me trying to be someone who I was not… and all in the name of hopefully garnering more views.

But that’s not what blogging is about, not for me anyway.

To me, it’s about being authentic. Being who I am and being proud of it. Sharing a part of myself through my writing and hopefully being able to inspire or touch another soul through it.

Years ago, I wrote a short poem to help myself stay true to who I am and now, I find myself once more drawing from some of my own childhood wisdom. Imagine that.



If someone is not willing to change for you, then why should you change for them?

It’s not worth the effort.

And trust me, the internet will never, ever, change for you.

So be YOU.

And I’ll be me.

Sweet Simplicity

Sometimes I find myself wondering why life is so complicated. But then I stop myself and wonder instead why we make it so complicated. Life, in itself, is not complicated at all. It’s the things we fill it with, the things we spend our time doing or investing in and trying to get and achieve, that ultimately make it so complicated.

I want my life to be simple. Simple is not always easier to achieve but simple is sweeter in the long run. Life is more fulfilling when it’s not cluttered with agendas and junk, selfishness and pursuit of worldly gain. Because at the end of the day, when it’s all stripped away, what will you have? Who will you be?

Today, right now, I’m going to make it my goal to make my life simpler and better. One day at a time. Every day I’ll stop myself and ask, what can I do right now to make my life simpler, less cluttered and more fulfilling? Maybe it’s getting rid of something I no longer use or giving it away as a gift. Maybe it’s dealing with a toxic thought or finding the motivation to begin or finish a task that needs doing. Or maybe it’s choosing to meet someone else’s needs over my own. Choosing to forgive, to pray, to Love. There really are countless way’s to make your life sweeter and simpler!

Life is too short to be spent wondering why it’s so complicated… especially when there’s so many things we can do to keep is simple. I don’t think the Creator of this world ever intended it to be as complicated as we make it out to be. So lets keep it simple. Starting now. Today.