Sweet Simplicity

Sometimes I find myself wondering why life is so complicated. But then I stop myself and wonder instead why we make it so complicated. Life, in itself, is not complicated at all. It’s the things we fill it with, the things we spend our time doing or investing in and trying to get and achieve, that ultimately make it so complicated.

I want my life to be simple. Simple is not always easier to achieve but simple is sweeter in the long run. Life is more fulfilling when it’s not cluttered with agendas and junk, selfishness and pursuit of worldly gain. Because at the end of the day, when it’s all stripped away, what will you have? Who will you be?

Today, right now, I’m going to make it my goal to make my life simpler and better. One day at a time. Every day I’ll stop myself and ask, what can I do right now to make my life simpler, less cluttered and more fulfilling? Maybe it’s getting rid of something I no longer use or giving it away as a gift. Maybe it’s dealing with a toxic thought or finding the motivation to begin or finish a task that needs doing. Or maybe it’s choosing to meet someone else’s needs over my own. Choosing to forgive, to pray, to Love. There really are countless way’s to make your life sweeter and simpler!

Life is too short to be spent wondering why it’s so complicated… especially when there’s so many things we can do to keep is simple. I don’t think the Creator of this world ever intended it to be as complicated as we make it out to be. So lets keep it simple. Starting now. Today.


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