Why Love Never Lasts

True love. Is it real? I believe it is. I do not, however, believe it lasts forever. Fairy tales and Disney would have you believe that finding true love means you have it for life. And yet, if that were true, how come in reality that rarely happens?

Lets stop for a second and think about what love is. Love is an emotion. And as we all know, emotions are ever changing. Like the moon’s phases they wax and wan. Today you hate Barbra from down the road and tomorrow you find she’s tolerable. Why is that?

Maybe its because humans are fickle and can never make up their minds. Or possibly its because that’s just the way our brains are made to function. The brain craves novelty. Based on it’s gratification and perceptions of the world it creates our emotions. It can be argued then that emotion is largely based on gratification (or the lack thereof) and what is perceived as true (or not true) by the brain.

To sum it all up, love, being an emotion and ever changing based on the whim of the brain, is pretty much nearly always doomed. The brain is never satisfied for long. Remember all those amazing gift you used to receive from your parents (or Santa, whichever you believe) on Christmas morning? And remember how all those same gifts were not so amazing by New Years Day? That’s your brain’s quest for novelty in action.

True love, while beautiful and very real while it lasts, often does not stand the test of time. And you largely have your brain to thank for that.




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